joi, 1 august 2013

#6 - C implementation of command server API

With the midterm closing by, last week I had tried to show to the
mercurial community my work. From my point, the work on level 0 hglib
has come to an end. A confirmation from mercurial crew is still
required, so I am currently waiting for it.

To show the functionality for level 0 API, I followed all the stories
that Matt asked for, and I built those stories using just level 0 API.
Giovanni gave me some advice on how to build a switch case on main
file and to use system calls to create the proper environment where
the stories will be tested.

After I finished to build all those examples, I entered on refactoring
phase, to find and change the code before sending a patchbomb to
mercurial dev.
The patchbomb was sent and now I am waiting for the confirmation.
Meanwhile I will start sketching some ideas for level 1, command level
(function per command, returns results in native C datatypes).

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