duminică, 23 iunie 2013

#1 - C implementation of command server API

Hi, my name is Iulian Stana, and this summer I will participate at
GSoC ( Google Summer of Code), where I will implement an API for the
mercurial engine.
The first week, passed already. I would say that it was an
accommodation week, during which I met my future mentors, Pierre-Yves and
Giovanni and the community of the mercurial. We discussed about my
project and about some organizational stuff.

I created a plan, and I tried to discuss it with the community. I got
some useful advices, and I am confident that I am prepared for the
project. I also created a timeline that I will follow which will help
me to meet the deadlines. I also created some wiki pages on mercurial
where people can watch my progression :

and also a repo where my code will be posted:

-  C-hglib repo

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