luni, 1 iulie 2013

#2 - C implementation of command server API

The second week got me introduced to the project. I started the week
with a brainstorming session on how to manage the data structure
within my project.
Then I created a header file where the function signatures are found.
This was a good point to start and I got some review and some good
advice concerning it.
In the second part of the week I implemented the “level 0” of the API.
I established a connection with the command server, through the pipes,
and then I changed some messages with the server. This was done by
passing a raw command after which I got unparsed results which were
printed on the standard output.
After my first commit, I received lots of reviews from Giovanni. I am
aware that there are some problems but I will try to solve them so I
can be ready to go to the next level.

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